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Design service

We offer a comprehensive free design service tailored to your specific project. The Adfil team will work closely with you to supply the required calculations and technical specifications. We will produce a detailed commercial proposal that sets out the benefits of synthetic fibres as your concrete reinforcement solution.

If you have a construction project you would like advice on, our innovative design service will provide a solution which will be cost-effective and reduce construction time. If required, this service can be provided with Professional Indemnity. Additionally, we can also offer a full design and warranty package.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

To request a fully pi Insured design you will have to contact one of our team members to receive a design form. The information you supply on this form is what our engineers will calculate your fibre dosage from.

The minimum information which is required to receive a design indication are:

Sub Grade Ground conditions
This refers to the “CBR” or “K” value of the original ground. Basically, what are the ground conditions below where any sub-base might be made?

Slab Depth
How thick is your concrete slab?

Concrete Grade
What is the compressive strength of the concrete you would use?

What are the loadings going on the slab?

  • Vehicle loadings? - Lorry's cars, cranes etc
  • Point loads? - legs of racking or corners of machinery
  • UDL Loads? - Uniformity Distributed Loads - things that will lay flat onto the concrete
  • Line loads? - so maybe walls or columns

Have these details ready for when you receive your form.


Want to request a design?
Please download the below form and email it to one of our team members and we will get back to you.