Ignis fire protection fibre

Fire protection Fibres: Ignis

Safety - a number one priority in every tunneling project. Make a major step forward with Ignis fire protection fibres.


Over the last two decades IGNIS has been used in many tunnels, primarily to provide passive fire resistance to the concrete structure, whether this is a segmental tunnel lining, sprayed or cast in-situ concrete. This product has been proven to eliminate explosive spalling in concrete exposed to fire at such test facilities as TNO, Holland and the BRE, England.

Explosive spalling occurs when moisture in a concrete structure is superheated and turns to steam. Pressure builds up inside the concrete and results in an explosive failure of the exposed face. The IGNIS fibres will start to melt when the heat generated is approximately 160°C. When the temperature reaches 360°C the fibres vaporise to leave millions of capillaries in the concrete which allow the steam to escape.


  • Dramatic reduction in explosive spalling
  • Improved resistance to plastic shrinkage cracks
  • Improved hardened state benefits, such as abrasion and impact resistance
  • Faster construction
  • Reduced labour costs