Carpark 2

Precast Carparks

Adfil Macro & Micro Synthetic Fibres can be used in precast flooring & carp arks
to replace conventional steel mesh.

Car park

Adfil Macro & Micro Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete can provide significant benefits in
Precast concrete products and applications. Reducing embedded CO2. Replacing expensive
steel reinforcement & saving the manufacturer time and money in the product and delivery.

There are many precast floor systems that are used for speedier construction on sites
all over the world. The use of Macro & Micro Synthetic fibres have been used to replace steel
bars and steel mesh reinforcement, in full or as a partial replacement. This enables elements to
be produced in larger casts which can span longer areas. The advantages of this application
are that fibre concrete gives the producer faster casting, improved health and safety and
significant cost savings. When the elements are in place they give higher impact and abrasion
properties. Also, Macro synthetic fibres as not susceptible to most chemical attacks so give a
perfect none corrosive


  • Reduced manufacture costs
  • Reduced Transport costs
  • Reduced reinforcement storage requirement
  • Reduced Co2 emissions
  • Less corrosive attack from road salts