Housing 6

Walls & Housing

Adfil Macro & Micro Synthetic Fibres can be used in precast Housing & Walls to replace conventional steel mesh.


Precast walls are generally none load bearing. Most steel reinforcement is used for demoulding purposes to ensure no transportation cracks or defects. Precast walls are designed as thin as possible to reduce costs. This can lead to misplacement of the steel reinforcement which will cause further issues throughout the life of the cast. By using Macro and Micro fibres the walls benefited from 3D reinforcement through the deep and width of the wall. There has also been testing to prove that fibre concrete can offer significant improvements in the blast and ballistic safety of fibre-reinforced walls.

Remote Sanatory Blocks

In remote areas of the world quick and simple construction is the key to success. These toilet
and sanatory units can be made in precast sections and assembled at the location they are
shipped to with minimal construction tools. The fibre reinforcement also prevents corrosion from
cleaning and natural chemical attack. The fibres assist in the demoulding process and give 3D
reinforcement through these thinner panels


  • Reduced manufacture costs
  • Reduced Transport costs
  • Reduced reinforcement storage requirement
  • Reduced Co2 emissions
  • Easier construction in remote areas