Durus EasyFinish Synthetic Fibres can be used in a wide range of Agricultural reinforced concrete applications to replace conventional steel mesh reinforcement.


Agricultural areas are proven applications for Macro Fibres, saving time and maintaining the required performance through correct design. The use of Macro Fibres will eliminate significant risk or damage to the machine's tyres and livestock injury from exposed steel reinforcement.

A number of grain stores around the UK have successfully used Synthetic Macro Fibres in place of traditional steel reinforcement in concert floor slabs. Reduced build time and ease of construction are significant benefits, whilst ensuring the surface finish and durability of the concrete floor are maintained.

Anaerobic Digester Facilities are becoming evermore common in the Agricultural Sector. animal slurry and organic waste from maize, fruit and vegetable production are stored and fermented to produce methane gas which can then be used to supplement the energy infrastructure network. Reinforced concrete pavement is at high risk of prolonged exposure to these liquids, which will attack and corrode conventional steel reinforcement.