Beam block floor concrete reinforcement 5

Beam & Block Floors

Adfil’s beam & block flooring system has been tested by the BBA and “In the opinion of the BBA, Durus EasyFinish for Beam and Block Floors, if installed, used and maintained in accordance with this Certificate, can satisfy or contribute to satisfying the relevant requirements in relation to NHBC Standards, Chapters 3.1 Concrete and its reinforcement and 5.2 Suspended ground floors.”

Beam and Block

Cost Effective Dosage per m³

Adfil has invested in extensive R&D. The new state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and accredited testing ensure that you get a cost-effective dosage
for fibre-reinforced concrete.

Mixes and finishes better than longer fibres

Ready Mix Suppliers are happy that our shorter-length fibres make it easier to mix them into the concrete. Installers rarely report any finishing issues.

Nationwide availability

Durus EasyFinish is the macro fibre product of choice for many Contractors.
This product is readily available from most Ready Mix plants nationwide.

Accepted in NHBC-approved flooring systems

This gives you the assurance that our fibres comply with all the necessary requirements for use.
Durus EasyFinish at 2.5kg per m3 is the accepted dosage for Macro fibres
and 7.5Kg per m3 of Afil SF86

Advantages during construction

  • Reinforcement comes ready mixed into the concrete
  • Saves time and money
  • Safer for workers to use than steel
  • Reduces the risk of failure from incorrect steel mesh positioning

Benefits after completion

  • 100 % corrosion-free when using Durus Macro fibres
  • Creates durable, high-quality concrete floors with great impact resistance
  • Reduces the occurrence of plastic shrinkage cracking