Synthetic fibre reinforced concrete hardstanding

External Paving & Hardstanding

Adfil Construction Fibres have developed a proven system of synthetic macro fibre reinforced concrete for use in external areas, replacing the need for traditional steel mesh. You can uses as little as 2.5Kg m3 of Durus® EasyFinish Macro Fibre in a ready-mixed suitable grade of concrete to ensure consistent and reliable performance for your project every time.


Durus Macro Fibre Concrete can be used in a wide variety of external applications:

. External ground-supported slabs for pavements, yards and hard standings
. Farmyards and Agricultural
. Roadways
. Car parks
. Domestic driveways

The benefits when compared to traditional steel mesh reinforcement construction:
. Ease of construction and reduced construction time
. The risk of reinforcement being placed incorrectly is eliminated as it is contained within concrete.
. Eliminate significant Health & Safety hazards associated with handling, cutting and fixing steel mesh reinforcement.
. A significant reduction in embedded carbon (80%) when compared to steel mesh construction.
. It can provide an overall cost saving compared to traditional construction methods.

Durus Macro Fibre concrete can be placed using conventional techniques such as
direct discharge, skip or pump. There is no specialist handling requirements.
To ensure the optimum performance of the end product, best practice compaction,
finishing and curing techniques should be observed. A curing membrane is strongly recommended to be applied to the concrete surface immediately after finishing to
control moisture and ensure the concrete reaches its required strength specification.