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Metro & track slab

Adfil Macro & Micro Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete provide significant benefits in the construction of Track Slab & Metro projects

Track slabs

Adfil Construction fires have been used in many track slabs and metro lines around the world, above & below the ground. The principal reason fibres are used in this type of project is to reduce the construction time and as many of these projects have restricted access, the use of fibres makes it easier to get the reinforcement requirement to the place it's needed.

Durus Macro fibre designs come with pi insurance so that the clients which are usually local authorities are happy that a viable solution is being offered. Additional to the cost and time savings you can save up to 80% of embedded carbon by replacing the steel mesh. Using macro fibres also give the projects an additional safety factor as they don't conduct electricity, which steel reinforcement can, meaning that if there were a fault in the source of energy to the trams then, it wouldn't stray.