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With Durus EasyFinish macro fibres, specifications for steel-reinforced concrete pavements can be redesigned to incorporate synthetic fibre reinforcement. In many cases, thinner concrete slabs can be specified using a hybrid design with macro synthetic fibres.


The benefits when compared to traditional steel mesh reinforcement construction:

  • Ease of construction and reduced construction time
  • The risk of reinforcement being placed incorrectly is eliminated as it is contained within the concrete.
  • Eliminate significant Health & Safety hazards associated with handling, cutting and fixing steel mesh reinforcement.
  • A significant reduction in embedded carbon (60-80%) when compared to steel mesh construction.
  • It can provide an overall cost saving compared to traditional construction methods.

Durus Macro Fibre concrete can be placed using conventional techniques such as direct discharge, skip or pump. There are no special handling requirements. To ensure the optimum performance of the end product, best practice compaction, finishing and curing techniques should be observed. Fibre concrete has the added benefit of a longer-lasting surface and a longer service life due to the reinforcement not being susceptible to corrosion.