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Wind farm bases

Adfil Macro & Micro Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete provide significant benefits in the construction of Wind Farm projects

Wind Farms

Wind Farms are seen in the UK as one of the future sources of power generation. The construction of these units uses higher than normal amounts of steel reinforcement, due to the wind forces the structures have to take. The use of Durus

Macro fibres has been used to reduce the steel requirement up to around 50% of its original design requirements

The main benefit of using fibres as a partial replacement is that the cost of the reinforcement is significantly reduced.
The construction time is reduced. Most areas where there are wind farms are remote so access to the site by delivery vehicles is restricted. delivering steel and delivering some of the reinforcement in the concrete, significantly reduces
transpiration costs. These are Green energy producers and they welcome the significant Co2 reductions that can be
made by using fibre concrete.